Why a “Reloved” dress is the dress for you

You’ve found the partner of your dreams, you’re planning the most romantic wedding and now it’s time to find the dress of your dreams.

“A pre-owned dress? I’m not wearing that” was once a common attitude towards “reloved” dresses but its not that way now. The way you buy a wedding dresses has changed. According to Global fashion search engine, Lyst there is a 93% increase in searches for pre-owned wedding dresses and a 43% increase in keywords such as “vintage” and “second hand”.


With more and more of us becoming much more aware of the environment that we live in, we are constantly seeking new ways to be sustainable and echo friendly. A lot of water is used in the production of clothing, the less wedding dresses that are needing to be produced, the more water can be saved. Buying pre-owned or ex-sample dresses helps reduce the demand for new wedding dresses to be made and will prevent a lot of dresses from eventually ending up in landfill.

Historically wedding dresses passed down through the generations. If the dress was not worn then the material was often used to make Christening gowns. This happens less and less often now.  The beautiful dresses get put up in the loft, or take up room in the back of the wardrobe. The dresses become dated and unfashionable. The fashion is for Christening outfits rather than old fashioned gowns. Therefore, wedding dresses  are no longer needed in the way they were. Quality digital photographs capture the beauty of the dress, and the bride wearing it and as such a considerable expenditure becomes a regret. The dress is worn for ONE day and never sees the light of day ever again. How sad!

Mia Amelia Bridal

So, the question is after the bride has enjoyed her big day. What is she going to do with her beautiful, pristine dress that she only wore for a few hours? She has beautiful memories and pictures to look back on of how stunning she looked and felt on the best day of her life.

Mia Amelia Bridal

Why not make some money back from the dress and allow another bride to fall in love with it? Reloved wedding dresses offer brides beautiful designer dresses at a fraction of the cost of a new one. With boutiques offering up to 75% off the RRP of reloved and ex-sample dresses, Reloved doesn’t mean old and outdated, it means you get a stunning, current, on trend designer dress but without the huge price tag.

Mia Amelia Bridal

So, you’re helping to save the planet, you’re saving hundreds of pounds on a pristine designer dress that you perhaps couldn’t ordinarily afford. At Mia Amelia Bridal you get the same amazing experience of trying on dresses in a gorgeous boutique and the best part of it all…no-one would ever know! There’s only one dilemma, what are you going to spend all that “saved” money on?

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