How to be the perfect Bridesmaid

Choosing her bridesmaids is a very big decision for the bride to make. So what an honour and a privilege when she decides that special person is you!

But what does it mean to be a bridesmaid? How can you be the best bridesmaid ever?

Having been a bridesmaid myself on a few occasions and having to make careful decisions myself when I got married, I’ve been able to assess what is most important to help a bride on the lead up to, and on, her wedding day. Here are MY top tips on how to be the perfect bridesmaid…

Show you’re interested

This is the biggest day of the bride and grooms life. The day is more important to them than anyone else but show you are interested and just as excited as them. Gather inspiration for the planning process, give them ideas. You could set up a Pinterest boards, follow accounts on Instagram and Facebook. Visit for some beautiful dress ideas.

Mia Amelia Bridal
Mia Amelia Bridal

Attend dress fitting

Wedding dress shopping is such an exciting time for the bride. She has chosen you to be a major part in her big day so why not make a day of wedding dress shopping and enjoy the quality time together.

Always be tactful when the bride is trying on dresses. The dress might not be to your taste, but it could be the brides dream dress. You don’t want to put the bride off buying her perfect dress because its not quite what you like. The bride will enjoy the “Ooo’s and Ah’s” as she enters the room and in our experience these come naturally, so just go with the flow and enjoy seeing how amazing the bride will look in the right dress

Build a relationship with the staff, you might be asked to pick something up for the bride, or speak to someone. It is always helpful if you know who you are dealing with.

Get to know the brides dress

All eyes are going to be on the bride and her dress. It needs to be perfect. Learn how to put the bride into her dress so the morning of the wedding can flow smoothly. Have a practice before the big day so you know what you are doing. If the dress has a lace up back, know how to lace it up perfectly, if it has buttons, ask to be shown, by the seamstress or bridal stylist, how to effortlessly fasten them – using a crochet hook is a great tip!

Make sure you know how to manoeuvre the dress, if it has a big train make sure you know how to place the train so it is showed off perfectly and if the dress has a bustle, practice tying it so you know how to on the big day.

Mia Amelia Bridal
Mia Amelia Bridal

Throw the best hen do!

It is probably fair to say that as you are her bridesmaid you know the bride pretty well and that is why you have been chosen to plan the best day/evening/weekend she could possibly have. Think back to all those amazing experiences you’ve shared with her over the years to help create the best hen do you can imagine. Whether it was a night out in her favourite city or a spa day you shared together, you know how she likes to have fun! So enjoy planning a hen do that she will remember forever. Remember though to plan for HER and not what you want her to experience (her Hen Party must reflect what she would enjoy, not you).

The big day

The key to making sure that everything runs smoothly on the big day is planning. The morning of her wedding should be calm, relaxed and without any hitches. As a bridesmaid you could set out an itinerary to ensure everyone is ready on time. Make sure everyone in the bridal party knows what time they are having their hair done, when they should have their make up done by, what time they should be getting dressed and what time they need to leave for the ceremony. Have a list of everything the bride needs to be able to get ready so that nothing gets forgotten.

Create a playlist for the bride to listen to whilst she is getting ready, you all need awesome playlist to listen to whilst having a glass of fizz and getting ready.
Make sure everyone has something to eat, especially the bride! It is going to be a long day and it might be a little while before you all eat again so make sure you have a good breakfast. We don’t want anyone having a glass of bubbly on an empty stomach and getting a bit too tipsy before the day has even started!

The day after the night before

There are a lot of things for the bride and groom to do on the run up to the wedding but there is also a lot to do the day after. Suits may need returning, cards and gifts may need taking to the bride and grooms home, the venue may need clearing out. Help the newly weds out by assigning yourself and others specific tasks to do so that it can all be done quickly and the happy couple go off and start their married life.

It is going to be such a fun time for you and the bride! You’re going to get to spend loads of time together planning, getting excited and probably getting quite emotional. Its your job to keep the bride calm and level headed throughout the wedding planning journey. At times it might be challenging but remember, you’ve got this!