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Yes we do, but only if we have a need to buy dresses in the size, style and condition the business needs. We expect dresses to be in excellent condition and clean. Our seamstress can do very small repairs but it is important that when we sell the dress the buyer cannot distinguish  between our “Reloved” dress range and our new dress collection (apart from the cost saving).

We will place notifications on our Facebook page when we are actively looking for stock and the size/styles we need. (Click here for our Facebook page). Please accept our apologies if we do not answer emails quickly, but we have many hundreds of people looking to sell their dresses and we can get inundated with people asking us to buy them.

Whatever happens, we must view the dress and we absolutely must love the dress as much as you do (or think it’s something our future brides will love)

Now there’s a question. If we make an offer it will be a fair price (in our opinion). Our commitment to “Reloved” brides is that we can sell dresses to them at great prices – which means we have to buy well.

You may have spent a large amount of money on your dress but the resell value is not going to be anything near what you would like to get back for it. Buying a “Reloved” dress reduces the risk of losing such a large amount of money in the first place.

If you feel we have not offered you enough for your dress you may wish for us to try selling the dress for you under our agency terms (see next item).

We do sell on your behalf and the Terms and conditions are outlined within our contract. You can download a copy here.
In short…YES

But we do have overheads and as such any swopping would incur an admin fee. Also you would need to “upgrade your dress” with the excess being payable. We do not refund any money from the original purchase during a swop.  Our admin fee pays for the time we spend with you, staffing costs and our administration costs.

Reloved dresses

Yes – For reloved dresses we take a minimum of 20% and at least 50% must have been paid 12 weeks before the date you informed us you would be getting married. The dress must be paid for in full before we release the dress to you.

If you decide that the dress is not required for any reason we will keep the 20% deposit to assist in covering our costs.

New dresses

In respect of a new dress, we ask for a deposit of 50% of the price of the dress. The remainder of the cost of the dress can be paid in instalments, but the dress must be paid for in full before we release the dress to you.

If you decide that the new dress is not required for any reason we will keep the  deposit to assist in covering our costs.

Bank Transfer, Cash or Paypal.

Bank details:

Reloved Wedding Boutique ltd
Account number 5187 9778
Sort code 54-41-24

Now there’s a question as we keep adding things all the time.

We do have great relationships with people in the wedding business – we are happy to tell you about them – companies and people who offer value for money products and services that will help you have the dream wedding at a price that’s acceptable to you. Keeping the cost real!

See our partners here – LINK – although Mia Amelia Bridal take no responsibility for these companies services and products

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